We Bought The TV Time for Over 100 Famous Celebrity Infomercials Since 1980

If you are considering direct marketing, then why not work with our ad agency that has a proven track record of success?

The principals in our company have purchased the TV time for over 100 Famous Celebrity Infomercials. Many of these buys were for smaller clients with limited budgets when they started and we helped them to grow to sales of over $450 million a year using our established resources. 
We distinguish ourselves  from other agencies because we take the time to understand your business and show you how it is possible to take an infomercial that returns as little as 20 cents on every dollar of TV time and turn a profit by using our proven upsell and backend marketing technologies. We are in the relationship business and have formed long standing close relationships with many TV stations and media vendors.
Our software programs allow us to fine tune the buys, source orders, and provide results to our clients that are measurable, specific, and immediate. Our agency offers a personalized "hands on" approach to media buying. Our clients are not alone in sifting through all of the demographic and media buying data. We guide them through all stages of the buying process including media testing and analysis. Our famous StationBreak software allows us to sift through the data to determine which stations will work for your product or service.  We have strived to develop close relationships with many of the owners of TV stations across the U.S. and Canada.  There is no magic to launching new infomercials and making them successful. It takes hard work, expertise in buying media at the right price, and proven upsells and backend marketing and Internet technologies in order to maximize response. Service to our clients remains our number one priority. 

All TV and Radio Time is a Negotiated Price Product and must, by FEDERAL LAW, be Sold Through an Auction 
When you call an Ad Agency or TV Station and ask "How Much" the sales person at the agency or TV station knows he has a person that has no clue that there is NO fixed price on TV time and so the sales person will probably ask you "What is your budget?"  And, by coincidence, the cost of a single half hour will be whatever your budget is... and if you buy it at that price, you will be the high bidder without ever knowing it. 

We Provide The Following Services

FREE TV Time to Air TV Spots & Infomercials P.I. (Per Inquiry) We can put your 30-second, 60 second, or half hour Infomercial on TV and you pay a percentage of what your spot or infomercials sells so you are GUARANTEED a NET PROFIT on every order.

We also sell half hour TV time for both infomercials and entertainment TV series at the lowest rates. On the Broadcast TV Stations (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, etc. half hours range range in price from $20 to $200.